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"Most modern rock audiences born outside of Westernized countries couldn’t care less about their country’s folk music. But maybe they’ve just been framing it in the wrong way all along. 

In Romania, the country of my birth, the kind of music played by Alex Hand Band on “Rambosilkovo Horo” is played at weddings and religious holidays where audiences, drunk off cheap fruit brandy, yell “Hop, Hop” along to the rhythm as they break their glasses on to the ground.


But Alex Hand Band, an American group, hears something beautiful in this kind of Eastern European party music. They see the start of a prog-rock adventure. And why wouldn’t it be? Jon Anderson dared to dream of a “Siberian Khatru”, and that’s not even a real thing. 

The result is something extremely technical and joyful. If you haven’t yet witnessed this kind of music in the setting for which it was designed, you’re bound to be pleasantly shocked."

-Eduard Banulescu, Alt77

"“The Panther” is elevated by a scalding statement from the guitarist."

-Textura, regarding my solo on the tune from Simeon Davis's album, Of Narratives and Nocturnes, featured in Downbeat 2022

"The Benefit Of Hindsight" has an especially exciting arrangement by Jared Burrows, with features for fleet-fingered guitarist Alex Hand"

-David Rokeach, regarding my solo from Chris Trinidad's album, Changing Tides, 2021.


"Alex [Hand] Miller is one of the area’s most interesting music talents. His stellar acoustic guitar work has earned him attention and respect from true innovators of live and experimental music nationwide."


-Oliver X, Reno Tahoe Tonight (2011)

Reno Tahoe Tonight

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